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Snapchat updates video with one-handed zoom

  • Recent snapchat update allows for one-handed zoom

Today, Snapchat came out with an update to now include the one-handed zoom when taking a video. At first glance, this seems like a small update but in reality makes it easier to take videosnaps.

Before, when a user wanted to zoom in while videosnapping, one would need both hands to take the video…one hand’s thumb pressed on the video button while the other hand’s thumb and index-finger pinched to zoom in and out.

Now, a user can use one hand to effectively videosnap while the other hand can be easily lifting weights a la DJ Khaled. Shout out to Khaled…keep on training.

Note that this update is currently only available to iOS devices. Sorry Droids! But don’t fret, with recent report of Snapchat being downloaded more than Twitter on Android devices, we anticipate that you will be sharing in the snaps.

To use the new feature, you will have to download the update to the Snapchat app, Of course once you open the app, you are back to your home screen of taking snaps and creating content immediately. Now, with only one hand, press your thumb down on the capture button and while using your index finger to zoom in by swiping up and zoom out by swiping down. It’s pretty neat, but for me (with small hands and fingers), I still feel more comfortable using two hands. What are your thoughts?

Second note – this one-handed zoom in feature only works with videos and not with the traditional snaps. But I’m sure in a future update, Snapchat will provide a similar feature for snaps. I hope the engineers at Snapchat can make it this easy: where a user can just hold a finger on the screen and then move up/down to zoom in/out and then click on the capture button.

With the new feature, we anticipate more users will try the one handed zoom several times, post a vertigo snap, and then return back to the two handed videosnap until it becomes more intuitive. Nevertheless, Snapchat users continue to spend an average of 20 minutes and 20 seconds daily using Snapchat, with either creating content or watching it.  In contrast, Twitter users spend 12 minutes and 21 seconds on Twitter. We don’t consider this to be an apples to apples comparison as we tend to use Twitter as a news feed while we use Snapchat to engage with friends and other Snapchat enthusiasts.

Side note – this past weekend, a few friends and I enjoyed some debauchery…we had some puffy tacos at West of Pecos, followed by drinks at Elixir and Bond Bar, and hit the mics at the Mint Club.  The DJ there was a Song Nazi. Needless to say it was a fun night.  However, with all the fun, I forgot to take snaps until we reached Mint.  Despite that, I had an amazing Story on my Snapchat Timeline….pretty entertaining to say the least. Email meSn at or post a comment and I’ll add you as a friend. SnapchatAway!

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