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Snapchat Tools to improve your Brand’s Marketing

With over 160 million daily active users on Snapchat and over 2.8 billion snaps every single day, brands and influencers are flocking to Snapchat as a marketing channel to connect with their audience, mainly millenials.

As an attractive platform to build your brand and broadcast messages, we wanted to share a few Snapchat tools and resources that can assist in making your brand stronger and grow your company’s following.

In no particular order, here are the best Snapchat tools that we’ve found:

1. Pepper Filters

Create custom geofilters easily. Snapchat already has some native tools to create your own geofilter, however, they are not customizable, creative, nor unique. We love Pepperfilters for its ease of use as well as the customizable features: backgrounds, templates, graphics, and text effects. It has several categories such as birthdays, weddings, events, and many more with over 100,000 graphics. You can’t go wrong.

2. Captiona

Caption idea generator. Captiona is basically a search engine of social media captions that assists in brainstorming the perfect caption for your snap. Enter a keyword that relates to your snap, and the app will generate a list of suggestions. Again, don’t copy, but use this as a brainstorming exercise. A good snap or video is as good as its caption (aka snaption).

3. Ghostcodes

Connect with/follow influencers. Ghostcodes is a database of the world’s top snapchatters and influencers. One of the trickier things about Snapchat is that there is no official user search. Consequently, Ghostcodes becomes a more important tool in your Snapchat branding process. Categories range from foodies to entertainment to fitness and much more. There are over 40 categories. Follow! Partner! Snap!

4. Naritiv

Connect with influencers to create branded content. Narativ is a campaign management platform that acts like a marketplace in which it connects brands and influencers to create content for Snapchat. Inside Narativ’s dashboard, brands can obtain insight in how their influencers’ stories are performing. Influencer marketing is key.

5. Storyheap

An in-depth analytics and management platform. It’s a powerhouse for brands, agencies and influencers to measure and create successful stories. It provides detailed analytics in measuring the performance of posts and campaigns. It’s one of our favorites as it includes unique features such as uploading, scheduling, multi-platform synchronization and web-based story editor.

6. Delmondo

Video analytics and creative studio. Delmondo is your single source for social video insights. They help brands like Walmart to monetize their social video by providing audience insights and cross-channel analytics that automate the collection of key campaign metrics.

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