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Snapchat Story: Serena Williams Scarfs Down Dog Food and Gets Sick

  • Serena Williams posts a Snapchat Story of her gourmet dog food experience

You wouldn’t believe…Serena Williams eats gourmet dog food and videosnaps her experience. Surprise surprise! She gets sick.

Yesterday, our beloved tennis pro along with her travel companion, Chip, order off the dog food menu while staying in an upscale hotel in Rome, Italy. The dog menu includes a variety of dishes that include:

Dog Menu


Rice, Vegetables, and Meat
Euro 15,00

First Course

Pasta, Chicken and Vegetables
Euro 15,00

Pasta, Tuna Fish and Vegetables
Euro 15,00

Second Course

Salmon and Rice
Euro 15,00

Lamb and Rice
Euro 16,00

Beef and Chicken with Vegetables
Euro 18,00

Serena claims that the dog food looks healthy and fresher than her own “human” meals, and decides to take the leap of trying a spoonful of the Salmon and Rice. I’m sure a lot of questions come to mind like “WTF, are you serious?” Or, “if the prices on the dog menu are 15 Euros, how much is human food?”

Serena should have known better. Even by looking at her snap of the Salmon and Rice, it should already warn someone that it’s not edible for humans. I’m not sure what she grew up on, but my food never looked like that. Lastly, I would have asked the hotel staff if the dog food was human grade, just to be sure.

Gracefully, Serena continues her Story two hours later…and it’s dreadful. She is on the “struggle boat.” Is it me, or is she sweating?

Words of wisdom…if you stay at a high end hotel in Italy (or anywhere else in the world), always ask if the dog food you are about to eat is human grade.

Thanks Serena! Good luck on your tennis tourney.

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