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Snapchat Pikachu Lens

Snapchat today partnered with the Pokemon team to introduce the Pikachu lens. The Pikachu lens includes Pikachu’s rosy cheeks, pointed yellow and black ears, black nose and big, black adorable eyes to your face. In addition, just like other lenses, when you open your mouth with the Pikachu lens, the animated Pikachu character jumps onto the screen and shrieks “Pika Pika Pikaaaaaa Pikachu” along with his electric bolts.

The Pikachu lens is a good addition to the line of Snapchat lenses, however, it is only for a limited time. This Pikachu lens helps both Snapchat and Nintendo as it targets the demographic (18-30 year olds) that is already accustomed to the Pokemon tv show and the Pokemon Go AR game. More importantly, it captures the eyes of adults who have been caught up in the Pokemon Go craze that came about last year.

This Pikachu lens is still a secret as I haven’t yet seen many snaps and I’ve talked to all my Pokemon Go friends and most were unaware of it.  However, I mentioned it to them and my followers and I expect the word to spread like wildfire.  Hear are some top Pikachu moments across the web:

From the Nintendo team

Here is on from the Pokemon team

I could only imagine other possibilities in addition to the Pikachu lens. Could you imagine other characters from the Pokemon family or even characters from Mario Brothers? That would be neat, and I would definitely be even more active on my Snapchat.

It is still uncertain how long the Pikachu lens will be available, so act soon. Just like the Hot Dog meme and the Game of Thrones Winter is Here lens, this is certain to bring more users, eyes, snaps, and engagement to the Snapchat app. Will the Pikachu lens be bigger than the Hot Dog meme? Only time will tell. Pika! Pika! Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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