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NBC News to launch “Stay Tuned” – Snapchat’s first daily news show

NBC News is launching a news show called “Stay Tuned” on Snapchat that will be airing twice-per-day as it tries to engage and attract a younger audience and other viewers who tend to watch TV and media content on mobile devices.

“Stay Tuned” will feature four or five segments focused on national and international stories, including pop culture, politics, and more. In addition, the show aims to explain the importance of the news and provide some context. It will be airing at 7:00 am and 4:00 EDT on weekdays and 1:00pm EDT on weekends. Each news show will last three to four minutes and include two 10-second ads. In addition, the Snapchat show will have special broadcasts for breaking news. More importantly, “Stay Tuned” will be the first daily news show as part of Snapchat’s original content (versus being featured on its Discovery platform).

Broadcast news outlets like NBC News continue to face an aging audience. Nielsen Rating Agency reports that the median age for Nightly News is 64 years old. This is in stark contrast to what advertisers are targeting these days…the 18-34 year olds.

Nick Ascheim, head of digital at NBC News, stated the company wanted to do a news show for the younger audience and that it “…is a concerted effort that is crucial to our future.”   Ultimately, the goal of “Stay Tuned” is to make watching the news as part of their daily routine.

According to Sean Mills, head of original content at Snapchat, user engagement is growing at over 30 minutes a day, with the average user engaging with the Snapchat app more than 18 times per day. He believes the partnership with NBC News will increase user engagement and states “If something happens in the world, we want people to go to Snapchat.”

It is important to note that NBC has received a lot of interest from advertisers for their new Snapchat show, which is equally important for Snapchat as well. Details of the financial agreement were not disclosed. I can only imagine what other broadcasting competitors of NBC News will create in order to take market share and target the younger audience.

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