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Game of Thrones Winter is Here Snapchat Filter

As most of us Game of Thrones fans are well aware, the HBO series returns on Sunday, July 16th for Season 7. And of course, HBO is celebrating with, who else, Snapchat and its users. HBO created and released a new filter with Snapchat in which winter is not only coming but it’s here…with you becoming a White Walker or you throwing a dragonglass dagger a la Pokemon style in AR at one. One question you might be asking yourself, “how do I get my hands on this filter? Where is it?”

In order to unlock the secret filter, open up Snapchat scan the below snapcode.  (Hint: take a picture of the below snapcode and then tap the ghost on the top left of your screen, tap add friends, and then tap snapcode, and select the snap that you just took).  The snap will unlock the new lens, which is only available for one hour after being unlocked.

Twitter/HBO/Game of Thrones

Twitter/HBO/Game of Thrones

In selfie mode, the filter turns you into a White Walker with glowing blue eyes and as you breathe you can see your cold breath. The background is transformed into a wintery landscape as if you were beyond the walls of Castle Black and in the forest among the wildlings.

Game of Thrones Winter is Here Filter

What’s better than becoming a White Walker? How about killing one? Yes, you heard right. Snap is using it’s VR technology a la Pokemon as you use your phone’s front-facing camera. Your view will transform into a snowy landscape complete with a creepy White Walker—and a Dragonglass dagger. To make it more engaging, you can throw the dagger at the White Walker by tapping on your screen.

Game of Thrones White Walker

Now, not only can Jon Snow kill a White Walker, but you can as well. Are you with us or against us?


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