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How to Bold, Underline or Italics Text on Snapchat

This Snapchat How-to focuses on changing fonts on your snaps: underline, bold, italics as well as change colors and angles of your text.

Snapchat users have constantly asked for more customization features from dear ‘ole Uncle Sam. Today we’ll tackle the infamous “How to change my fonts?”. Snapchat has gone from their simple one line text to:

  • Bold
  • Underline
  • Italics
  • Center alignment
  • Enlarging and shrinking
  • Changing the angle/rotating the text

The following tutorial is for the Snapchat app on the iPhone.  Here’s the deets:

Snapchat Pro Tip #1: Bold, Underline, and Italics can all be done with one step.

Follow the pics below, but I’ll also explain it in detail. When in the process of writing text, double tap the text box and a bubble of options pops up. Theses options range from the usual cut, copy, past, replace, and BIU. By clicking on the BIU, it will allow you to choose. In my example below, I just chose BOLD.


Another way to do a quick bold is after completing the text and repositioning the text line, you can tap the T button (top right corner) once and it will BOLD.


The below is the quick result of the Snapchat Bold shortcut:

Bold Finish

The following Snapchatchat Pro Tips 2-5 can be done once you’ve tapped the T once to BOLD.

Snapchat Pro Tip #2: Center Align

Tap the T a second time and it will center align your text:


Snapchat Pro Tip #3: Changing Colors of Text

Tap on your existing BOLD text, and you’ll see a color palette on the right side of your screen in order to change the colors of your text.



A little secret: on the color palate hold down a color with your finger, slide left and then all the way up, and you’ll get white.  You’ll notice that you’ll get different shades of the color you initially picked while sliding up.  So if we used red, red will get lighter as we slide up and turn into pink and then white.  Slide left and all the way down and you get black.

Snapchat Pro Tip #4: Enlarging and Shrinking

By using your thumbs (or other fingers) over your BOLD text, pinch outwards to enlarge and pinch inwards to shrink your text.


Shrink Result

Snapchat Pro Tip #5: Changing the angle/rotating the text

By using your thumbs (or other fingers) over your BOLD text, rotate clockwise or counterclockwise and there you go. Also can drag your text anywhere to reposition in your snap.


Hope all this helps. Keep a look out for our Snapchat 101 guide. It will be a comprehensive guide for the Snapchat basics.


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