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Snapchat Filter Games, KFC Australia’s new Freeze Frenzy

  • Snapchat has filter Games, KFC Australia is the latest advertiser for the native Snapchat games.

If you haven’t experienced it already, Snapchat has Selfie Lens filter games to get users more engaged and inspire competitions between friends; more importantly, driving more ad revenue. The latest partnership of Sponsored Snap Lenses is with KFC Australia.

KFC, working with Ogilvy, has released a Snapchat game called “Freeze Frenzy” (exclusively and the first of its kind in Australia) to promote its Freeze drink. The idea is sprung from “an out-of-the-box way to get Freeze noticed and Snapchat is a key channel for young adults.”

How the game works: a player serves as many customers as possible with six drink options in 60 seconds. Within that time frame, a player chooses a time-freeze mode to serve KFC’s Freeze drinks. It’s quite catchy.

End result: a snapchat filter can be won as a reward for playing the game.

The release of the game continues KFC’s partnership with Snapchat, after becoming one of the first brands in Australia to launch an account with Snapchat back in 2015. During this time, KFC has created new content for their Snapchat channel weekly that has proven to increase engagement. KFC (and probably other brands will follow) believes that mixing a game with Snapchat will aid in engaging and advertising to Australia’s youth.

Other Sponsored Snap filter games that have been seen recently include Kraf Mac & Cheese game where you had to catch noodles in your mouth, Gatorade Serena Williams tennis game, and the Under Armor Newton game. Note though that these games weren’t hosted natively in the app. The most recent native app game was Santa’s Helper.

As can be seen, the use of Snapchat is expanding the advertising arms of corporations and creates a much deeper, interactive experience with a brand than just regular ads. This type of promotion slips past people’s banner-blindness and numbness to ads and offers potential virality and influencer marketing when sharing with friends.

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