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Snapchat adds multi-snap and tint brush feature

Snapchat just added two new features today including “multi-snap” and “tint brush” to enhance the user experience and improve your snap stories. THIS IS HUGE.

The multi-snap recording feature provides the ability to record multiple 10-second snaps continuously and is available on iOS devices today with a rollout for Android coming soon. This multi-snap feature is key, improving the Snapchat user experience tremendously. Now with multi-snap you just hold down the record button and can take up to six 10-second video clips at a time. This is in contrast to the old way, in which you try to guess the timing of your snap recordings and repeatedly tap and hold the record button (which sometimes lags and you miss your snap).

Once completing your multi-snap recordings, the individual snaps will be shown in sequence on the bottom left of your screen, and you can select which snaps to delete. Consequently, a snapchatter can now potentially post a “60 second” multi-snap clip, which should change and enhance the snapchatter’s experience as well as the audience experience. This is key to both influencers as well as brands’ marketing strategies in that user engagement should increase and thus more eye-balls as well time spent on the app.

The tint brush feature allows you to edit the color (or tint) of specific objects or areas of your snaps, enhancing the photo-editing experience and is available to both iOS and Android today. After taking a snap, you select a new color and highlight the area you want to change by tracing it with your finger. Snap’s artificial intelligence does the rest. Note that this tint brush feature is only available to pictures. I have a feeling the next update will be available for video clips (and multi-snap) as well. By the way, I’ll be the first to dub tint brush as “tinting”.

The addition of multi-snap and brush is just another example of Snap enhancing the user experience and improving and growing content on the app. It will be interesting to see the next enhancements of Snap’s creative tool kit.


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