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Snapchat announced today the launch of Snapchat Ad Manager, a self-service tool that lets marketers easily buy and place ads on Snapchat and target them to different types of users.  The tool is expected to help the company’s ad business reach $1 billion in revenue this year, and it will be available to advertisers within two months of the announcement.

Previously, marketers had to buy ads directly from the Snapchat sales team or through a network of Snapchat’s ad partners, which usually involved committing to spending in excess of $700,000. But with small businesses in mind, Snapchat created Snapchat Ad Manager, which will allows advertisers to create targeted ads in different formats, including video and sponsored geofilters, and also to pay for ads using credit cards.  Additionally, there will not be a minimum amount of ad spending required.

A new mobile dashboard will let advertisers view their ads as Snapchat users would, as well as access ad analytics and get notifications directly from the Snapchat app. The company provided an early access to Snapchat Ad Manager to more than 20 brands, including GOAT sneaker marketplace and Atom Tickets movie ticketing app, whose CEO Ameesh Paleja described using the platform as a “brain-dead easy” experience.  Snapchat Ad Manager is expected to be available the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Germany and Australia.

Note that Snap lockup expires on July 29th and reports earnings on August 10th.  We’ll see if they discuss any updates about the Ad Manager and details about how it is performing relative to the traditional way that Snap was advertising.

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