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Snap Spectacles Used on Surgery

  • Ever wanted to watch a surgery online? Of course right?!? (Even better, a hernia procedure). It’s on everyone’s bucket list. Well, you’re in luck. We grabbed the first recorded surgery ever using Snap Spectacles.

Uk-based teaching surgeon Dr. Shafi Ahmed wore a pair of Snap Spectacles to record a hernia procedure to aid in the learning for his students. There were about 200 lucky medical students, watching the 10-second Snap of the hernia operation. They got to see different anatomical parts and procedural bits.

If you’ve heard his name before, he’s quite famous…Dr. Ahmed is the same doctor who brought livestream surgery in VR. Also, he’s used Google Glass in other procedures as well. Dr. Ahmed told BBC news that Snap Spectacles was an opportunity to “use cutting-edge technology in relatively low-cost gadgets to teach people everywhere.” He has a point. I’m not doctor, but I’m thinking even the 10 second clip is helpful to doctors around the globe.

Because Snap Spectacles only record 10 seconds of video at a time, Dr. Ahmed had a consultant to assist in hitting record during the routine hernia repair. But instead of snapping the entire surgery, Dr. Ahmed carefully planned out which clips to record in order to get the most out of the Snap Spectacles experience and to demonstrate the intricacies of the important parts of the procedure.

You can see the snap video here:

If you are worried about the tinted lenses…don’t. Dr. Ahmed mentioned that in future procedures he will replace the tinted lenses with clear ones. That sounds reasonable. LOL.

One can only imagine how Snap Spectacles and other tech wearables will continue to change capabilities that usually only a few medical students (or other students in other fields) can experience. I wonder if I asked my dentist to wear Snap Spectacles to take vids of my fillings, would she be comfortable doing it or agree that it would help others. I’ll ask her thoughts next time I get my teeth cleaned.

Snapchat away!

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