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Snap Spectacles pop-up shop in Venice, CA

Snap Inc. took another step today in its endeavor to open up a second physical retail location, also known to others in the know as a Spectacles pop-up shop, in Venice, California. Just like the original back in New York City, which opened its doors on November 21st and recently closed it on February 20th, this retail location dispenses Snap Spectacles for $129.99 through a Snapbot kiosk rather than human salespeople.

Snapbot Location

The new pop-up shop is located on the Venice boardwalk at 701 Ocean Front Walk, Venice CA 90291 and opened daily from 11am to Sunset.


From our understanding, the pop-up shop is expected to be stationed here for a few weeks.  You can track and follow the Snapbot with this map.  Where to next?


Snap is embracing KISS, in other words: “Keep it simple stupid”. The principal states that most systems/processes work best if kept simple rather than made complicated. Consequently, simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.

This can be seen in both the Snap Spectacles and how they sell the product. Snap Spectacles, as sunglasses, have a simple chic design. No diamonds. No gargantuan tags. Just a clean finish with iridescent lenses (excluding the black shades of course). On the sales end, just a bright yellow kiosk with three different colored buttons and a giant “lens”. The three buttons are the colors to choose from: red, black, and blue. The “lens” allows the purchasers to “try on” the Spectacles to see which one looks best on them. Again, the Snapbot is simple and efficient in selling Spectacles without the hassle of a salesperson.

Snap Spectacles

In addition to Snapbots traveling to different parts of the country, you can purchase your own pair of spectacles online. These online sales started on February 20th and delivery time is estimated to be 1-2 weeks. We at SnapchatInsider believe the increased availability and access to spectacles online should increase revenue from hardware sales for Snap. By how much is the million dollar question.


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