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Snap Drone in the works

Snapchat’s owner Snap Inc. has reportedly been working on a Snap drone (thanks NY Times). You would think this would be the next logical step for them right? First comes the Snapchat App, then comes the Snap Spectacles and then comes the Snap drone.

A Snap drone could allow Snapchat users to take overhead snaps and videos, save it to a memory card or feed it back to one’s phone. This is important since Snap’s user engagement is highly visual and this tool would help create unique content.  Ever wonder what you did that one night when you had a little too much to drink.  Wait that’s embarrassing.  How about an epic ski run at Mammoth?  Yeeeeeah!

Note though that Snap Inc. already has competition from the likes of GoPro, Lily, Elfie and Hover Camera.  Also, Google is reportedly testing a camera hat…let’s call it Google POV.  Now we are just waiting for Apple.

GoPro’s Karma

If you recall, GoPro launched is drone camera called Karma last year but then had to recall it due to a loss of power during operation. It resolved the issues and relaunched it in February.   However, this is pretty key and a lesson for Snap and others. Lasting BATTERY POWER.

Hover Camera

Another important factor is weight and dimensions. One cannot have a brick flying around, hitting obstacles and obstructing views. With this, I’ve had the chance to see the Hover Camera. It’s quite impressive. Compact and portable; autonomous flying with facial recognition; and shoots 13mp photos and 4k video. Here’s a brief video of this drone and technology.

However, it’s hovering time is 10 mins. If Snap can somehow match Hover Camera capabilities and outperform it’s hover time, I think they’ll have a winner.

Like they say, “the sky’s the limit”. Maybe it should be changed to “Outer space is the limit”.


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