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Snapchat reaches 10 billion video views daily

  • Snapchat surpasses Facebook and others with 10 billion video views
Facebook may rule the number of active users, but Snapchat runs away with the video views. In fact, a recent report from Bloomberg states that there are 10 billion video views daily on Snapchat versus 8 billion on Facebook.

Snapchat Speed Filter and 420 Bob Marley Filter provokes controversy

  • Snapchat gets sued over Speed Filter; 420 Bob Marley Filter sees opposition
Snapchat could use a little assistance in the public perception arena these days. Both the Snapchat speed filter and the 420 Bob Marley filter have landed the image-heavy smartphone app in hot water. For the kinds of Snapchat photos extras that are designed to enhance the Snapchat experience, Snapchat is being sued for things they apparently didn’t foresee as being problematic. However, if you ask a lot of people, when it comes to both of those filters, Snapchat should have done something a whole lot sooner.

Wow Air promotes SnapTraveler adventures for four lucky winners of Snapchat

  • Snapchatters can win a SnapTraveler adventure with Wow Air.
  • Includes flights, hotels, activities, and travel allowance.
Similar to the “Drink it Intern” promotion by World of Beer where three lucky Beer enthusiasts got to travel the world and get paid $12,000 to drink and share their experience on social media, Wow Air is now promoting their latest campaign where four lucky travelers get to win free four trips to 28 of their destinations.  The catch...record your experience on Snapchat and on Wow Air's handle (wow-air).

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter shaping the presidential election

  • Presidential candidates are using social media like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to expand outreach
  • First time that candidates have used Snapchat as a resource
  • Do Snapchatters have rights to take selfies when voting?
As with every presidential election, candidates from all sides are fighting to win over voters. This year, with such a close race, we anticipate all candidates to increase their spending budget and outreach on social media. This includes pics and posts via Facebook and Instagram, tweets on Twitter and snaps and videosnaps on Snapchat.

Celebrities on Snapchat

  • Celebrities on Snapchat - handles in alphabetical order.
We at SnapchatInsider thought it would be fun to create a list of celebrity handles so that you can easily follow your favorite star.   Note that we will continuously be updating this list so stay tuned.  You can be a part of the unite the snapchatter community by adding your favorites to the list.  Snap it.  Chat it.  Have fun with it.

Facebook secretly beta testing a new camera app to compete with Snapchat?

  • Facebook is developing a camera app (again) to take on Snapchat
  • Facebook’s past mistakes with Slingshot and Camera
  • Snapchat releases Chat 2.0 update to become a one-stop-shop
There have been several reports flying around that Facebook is creating a camera app to compete with Snapchat in hopes of recapturing user engagement of 18-24 year olds.  The latest report comes from the Wall Street Journal.  Facebook plans to add a live-stream feature that could appeal to some audiences.  In addition, Facebook recently acquired a video-sharing app called MSQRD that allows users to add filters and swap faces, which are already built-in features in Snapchat.

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