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Top Facts to know about Snapchat IPO

  • Snap Files for IPO, the biggest one since Alibaba in 2014. Snapchatter facts to know.
Earlier this month, Snap (previously known as Snapchat) officially filed for an IPO. Important thing to note to investors and the general public is that it may never achieve or maintain profitability. I’ve included some facts below about Snapchtat’s user base as well as some financials…

Top 5 People to Follow on Snapchat

  • These are my top 5 people to follow on Snapchat.  I find them to be legit creators of high value:  content that is unique, entertaining, and useful for inspiration, motivation, creativity.  DJ Khaled, Tai Lopez, Geir Ove Pedersen, Michael Platco, Cyrene Quiamco.

Snapchat looks to create “MythBusters”-like content, and buddies up with BBC, NY Times and WashPo

  • Snapchat buddies creates "MythBuster"-like content and buddies up with BBC, NY Times and Washington Post.
Discovery Communications pulled “MythBusters” last year, and Snapchat is now looking to snap it up…enter the world of content strategy. While Discovery is looking for new talent to help relaunch its channel, Snapchat is interested in more TV-like content for its platform. It’s already partnered up with A&E and the BBC to produce Second Chance and Planet Earth, respectively and Snapchat is working with the NY Times and Washington Post as publishing arms. We expect more to come in due time.

Hugh Hefner alive and well on Snapchat

Recently, we caught Hugh Hefner alive and well on his wife’s Snapchat.

Crystal Hefner, Hugh’s third wife, uploaded a Snapchat video of them. You wouldn’t believe what he was wearing. Yes, a robe, but not the infamous red robe that we’ve all grown to love, but a navy blue one. In addition, he was sporting some dog ears and tongue off of Snapchat’s dog filter.

Snapchat Story: Serena Williams Scarfs Down Dog Food and Gets Sick

  • Serena Williams posts a Snapchat Story of her gourmet dog food experience
You wouldn’t believe…Serena Williams eats gourmet dog food and videosnaps her experience. Surprise surprise! She gets sick. Yesterday, our beloved tennis pro along with her travel companion, Chip, order off the dog food menu while staying in an upscale hotel in Rome, Italy. The dog menu includes a variety of dishes that include:

Snapchat updates video with one-handed zoom

  • Recent snapchat update allows for one-handed zoom
Today, Snapchat came out with an update to now include the one-handed zoom when taking a video. At first glance, this seems like a small update but in reality makes it easier to take videosnaps.

Snapchat becomes more personable part 1…

  • Snapchat acquires Bitstrips; Giphy could be next?
Snapchat recently turned the corner and is constantly evolving and adapting into a social addiction. In just the recent months, Snapchat is listening to its users and making the social app even more personable. This can be seen in the acquisition and integration of Bitstrips. What’s next? Snapchat could potentially go after Giphy and its Giphy Keys and we think it would be complementary piece of the Snapchat puzzle.

Snapchat Goes for Gold with NBC at the Olympics

As you know by now, all the kids are using Snapchat. Add to that list of kids the 2016 Summer Olympics. How is this possible considering NBC historically has not permitted Olympic highlights footage outside of its native platform? Indeed, this is unprecedented. NBC has been the sole reign of Summer Olympic coverage since 1988. But the change comes at a time when consumer behavior is not what it used to be and so it became possible through a partnership between NBC and Snapchat.
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