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Kylie Jenner Puppy

Kylie Jenner poses with her new husky puppy in Snapchat Selfie

  • Kylie poses with her new husky puppy on Snapchat.

For most people, it’s another day, another dollar. But for Kylie, it’s totally different. Sure she gets another dollar from her cosmetic line and other royalties, but for her its: another day, another puppy…holler.

Weeks after her Italian greyhound gave birth two cute puppies, Kylie Jenner doesn’t think it’s enough. I’m starting to think even Tyga may not be enough?! Cue an adorable new husky puppy. Kylie recently posted Snapchat selifes, pics and videos to Snapchat with her new puppy. It looks like the blue-eyed husky is stealing the show, but wait…Kylie throws in some legs and ALL EYES on HER again.

In her Snapchat selfie, Kylie is taking a casual day in a baggy sweater, extremely short hot pants, and of course her infamous legs. You can see, the husky puppy is sniffing her feet. Is she about to bring out a new line of fragrances that you put on your feet? If she did, teens and women would probably buy it, just like copycat-ing her painted nails.

In other snaps, you can see the pup running around in the backyard on a sunny day. Unfortunately, I t doesn’t look like he’s bonded with other dogs. Kylie’s caption in the snap, “He’s having a hard time fitting in lol”.

Later, Kylie is visited by her sister Kloe and was taken by all the attention from the dogs. Her heart melted with all the puppy love.

What’s next now for Kylie? A snap of her cooking breakfast? One could only imagine. Just remember, her legs will be somewhere in the snap.

Snapchat away!

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