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Kentucky Derby Snapchats for the very first time

  • The Kentucky Derby and NBC uses Snapchat for live stories.
  • Vox Media publishes on Snapchat Discover.

At the 142nd Kentucky Derby (May 6, 2016 – May 7, 20016), Snapchat will be an important part of NBC’s Sports’ exclusive coverage and festivities.

Over the past few days and for the big event, NBC Sports has been onsite at the Kentucky Derby taking snaps and videosnaps of everything Derby related via their Snapchat account. From our understanding, NBC is expected to experiment with live stories in partnership with Churchill Downs to provide branded content in combination with user content.

This is not the first time that NBC Sports has partnered with Snapchat…nor its last. NBC Sports worked with Snapchat during the NHL Winter Classic this past winter. At that time, NBC Sports snapped and videosnapped “a day in the life” with Jeremy Reonick. In addition, they showed footage from Fan Fest and the game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins.

The partnership with Snapchat is constantly evolving and expanding. The dependence on Snapchat from media outlets is increasing in order to reach new people and expand thei audience. The Kentucky Derby’s live stories experiment will set precedence for the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics. If everything goes as expected, then we can see Snapchat winning more exclusive deals with NBC and other media brands, which will be huge for Snapchat. Based on reports flying around the watercooler, a Live Story feed can cost ~$400k – $500k. This may be a small price to pay in order to reach millions of viewers.

Vox Media Signs on to Snapchat Discover

In further display of Snapchat’s importance and access to viewers, Vox Media recently announced that it is creating a studio devoted to creating content for Snapchat users. Vox Media’s properties include Eater, The Verge, SB Nation, and Racked, which will all be promoted on Snapchat Discover channel under Vox. As of right now, Vox Media claims 1 of only20 channels of Snapchat Discover. More than likely, other publishers are probably performing their due diligence regarding budgeting for one of these coveted channels on Snapchat Discover.

If you have yet to use Snapchat Discover, there’s still time. It’s at its infant stage, just like many other rollouts from Snapchat. Snapchat Discover includes channels from top publishers that are refreshed daily.

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