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Facebook’s WhatsApp copies Snapchat

Clone wars: WhatsApp Status feature versus Snapchat Stories

Facebook is once again targeting Snapchat by copying one of its main features: Snapchat Stories, and integrating it anything it can get its hands on.  Poke to Instagram and now to WhatsApp.  Oculus next?

First, if you recall, there was Poke: a standalone app that was an epic fail. It was a piss poor attempt at directly competing with Snap’s vanishing photos.   Within months it disappeared and was easily forgotten (kinda like my last girlfriend).

Second, and more effective, is Instagram’s version of Snapchat stories, which lets people post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. It went viral…150 million daily users after the first day. Can we say “Facebook, looks like your pockets got a lot fatter, kaching”.

As of this week, Snapchat has another competitor from Facebook…WhatsApp (or how I like to say it a la those catchy Bud Light commericals: “whhhhhhhhhaaaaaatsup”). Basically, WhatsApp is reinventing its “Status” feature by allowing users to share photos and videos with their contacts.

In WhatsApp’s blog post, CEO and Co-Founder Jan Koum states, “The original idea behind the project [WhatsApp] was to build an application that lets your friends and other contacts know what you’re up to. This was months before we added messaging.” Later he describes that the team always talked about improving and evolving the original “text only” status feature. On WhatsApp’s 8th birthday (February 24th), the status feature was reinvented and released in order to easily update friends in a fun, simple and secure way.

Since Facebook couldn’t gobble up Snap with $3 billion back in 2013, it is doing anything in its power to compete against and take away market share from Snap, even if it loses some money. Poke, Instagram, WhatsApp…what’s next? Facebook Oculus versus Snap Spectacles? Let the games begin.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. So is beer….ooooh pliny the elder.

Snapchat Away!

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