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Snap Spectacles pop-up shop in Venice, CA

Snap Inc. took another step today in its endeavor to open up a second physical retail location, also known to others in the know as a Spectacles pop-up shop, in Venice, California. Just like the original back in New York City, which opened its doors on November 21st and recently…

Miranda Kerr and Snapchat IPO trades on the NYSE

Miranda Kerr, CEO Evan Spiegel’s fiancé and famous model, took many snaps of Snapchat’s debut on the New York Stock Exchange. Snapchat, parent company Snap (NYSE: SNAP), just went public this morning. The first trade of the morning proved me right…Snap opened at $24, that’s 40% above its IPO price…

Snap Drone in the works

Snapchat’s owner Snap Inc. has reportedly been working on a Snap drone (thanks NY Times). You would think this would be the next logical step for them right? First comes the Snapchat App, then comes the Snap Spectacles and then comes the Snap drone. A Snap drone could allow Snapchat users…

Snapchat Filter Games, KFC Australia’s new Freeze Frenzy

Snapchat has filter Games, KFC Australia is the latest advertiser for the native Snapchat games. If you haven’t experienced it already, Snapchat has Selfie Lens filter games to get users more engaged and inspire competitions between friends; more importantly, driving more ad revenue. The latest partnership of Sponsored Snap Lenses…
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Snapchat IPO Information

Snap details on date, share price, and other stock information. Snap, the parent company of the messaging app Snapchat, has filed to go public recently and is expected to begin trading as early as March 2 (however there have been instances where IPOs have been delayed). Snap, which calls itself…
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Snap Spectacles Used on Surgery

Ever wanted to watch a surgery online? Of course right?!? (Even better, a hernia procedure). It’s on everyone’s bucket list. Well, you’re in luck. We grabbed the first recorded surgery ever using Snap Spectacles. Uk-based teaching surgeon Dr. Shafi Ahmed wore a pair of Snap Spectacles to record a hernia…

Facebook’s WhatsApp copies Snapchat

Clone wars: WhatsApp Status feature versus Snapchat Stories Facebook is once again targeting Snapchat by copying one of its main features: Snapchat Stories, and integrating it anything it can get its hands on.  Poke to Instagram and now to WhatsApp.  Oculus next? First, if you recall, there was Poke: a…

Top Facts to know about Snapchat IPO

  • Snap Files for IPO, the biggest one since Alibaba in 2014. Snapchatter facts to know.
Earlier this month, Snap (previously known as Snapchat) officially filed for an IPO. Important thing to note to investors and the general public is that it may never achieve or maintain profitability. I’ve included some facts below about Snapchtat’s user base as well as some financials…

Snapchat looks to create “MythBusters”-like content, and buddies up with BBC, NY Times and WashPo

  • Snapchat buddies creates "MythBuster"-like content and buddies up with BBC, NY Times and Washington Post.
Discovery Communications pulled “MythBusters” last year, and Snapchat is now looking to snap it up…enter the world of content strategy. While Discovery is looking for new talent to help relaunch its channel, Snapchat is interested in more TV-like content for its platform. It’s already partnered up with A&E and the BBC to produce Second Chance and Planet Earth, respectively and Snapchat is working with the NY Times and Washington Post as publishing arms. We expect more to come in due time.

Snapchat updates video with one-handed zoom

  • Recent snapchat update allows for one-handed zoom
Today, Snapchat came out with an update to now include the one-handed zoom when taking a video. At first glance, this seems like a small update but in reality makes it easier to take videosnaps.
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