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Detailed how-to-guides for snapchat users.

backup snapchat photos

How to backup your Snapchat photos

Originally, Snapchat was the social app where your snaps only lasted for 10 seconds or less and automatically disappeared. Now, the ball game has changed in that you can save snaps sent to your friends and vice versa. In addition, you can save your stories as well. Below is a…
snapchat tools

Snapchat Tools to improve your Brand’s Marketing

With over 160 million daily active users on Snapchat and over 2.8 billion snaps every single day, brands and influencers are flocking to Snapchat as a marketing channel to connect with their audience, mainly millenials. As an attractive platform to build your brand and broadcast messages, we wanted to share…
install snapchat on tablet

How to install Snapchat on tablets

I’ve received many questions on how to install Snapchat on iOS and Android tablets so I wanted to provide a how-to-guide Snapchat for Tablets. I mainly use Snapchat on my iPad Mini in order to edit my snaps, specifically to draw and add more details for my stories. It’s definitely…
snapchat multi snap

Snapchat adds multi-snap and tint brush feature

Snapchat just added two new features today including “multi-snap” and “tint brush” to enhance the user experience and improve your snap stories. THIS IS HUGE. The multi-snap recording feature provides the ability to record multiple 10-second snaps continuously and is available on iOS devices today with a rollout for Android…

Snap Map location-sharing feature improves Snapchat

Tap into Snapchat’s newest feature, Snap Map, and get off your couch and go meet your friends IRL and explore the rest of the world. The new feature, that was released today, allows snapchatters to share their location and also provides a heat map of where the most snaps are…

How to Bold, Underline or Italics Text on Snapchat

This Snapchat How-to focuses on changing fonts on your snaps: underline, bold, italics as well as change colors and angles of your text. Snapchat users have constantly asked for more customization features from dear ‘ole Uncle Sam. Today we’ll tackle the infamous “How to change my fonts?”. Snapchat has gone…
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