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Miranda Kerr and Snapchat IPO trades on the NYSE

Miranda Kerr, CEO Evan Spiegel’s fiancé and famous model, took many snaps of Snapchat’s debut on the New York Stock Exchange. Snapchat, parent company Snap (NYSE: SNAP), just went public this morning. The first trade of the morning proved me right…Snap opened at $24, that’s 40% above its IPO price…

Hugh Hefner alive and well on Snapchat

Recently, we caught Hugh Hefner alive and well on his wife’s Snapchat.

Crystal Hefner, Hugh’s third wife, uploaded a Snapchat video of them. You wouldn’t believe what he was wearing. Yes, a robe, but not the infamous red robe that we’ve all grown to love, but a navy blue one. In addition, he was sporting some dog ears and tongue off of Snapchat’s dog filter.

Snapchat Story: Serena Williams Scarfs Down Dog Food and Gets Sick

  • Serena Williams posts a Snapchat Story of her gourmet dog food experience
You wouldn’t believe…Serena Williams eats gourmet dog food and videosnaps her experience. Surprise surprise! She gets sick. Yesterday, our beloved tennis pro along with her travel companion, Chip, order off the dog food menu while staying in an upscale hotel in Rome, Italy. The dog menu includes a variety of dishes that include:

Celebrities on Snapchat

  • Celebrities on Snapchat - handles in alphabetical order.
We at SnapchatInsider thought it would be fun to create a list of celebrity handles so that you can easily follow your favorite star.   Note that we will continuously be updating this list so stay tuned.  You can be a part of the unite the snapchatter community by adding your favorites to the list.  Snap it.  Chat it.  Have fun with it.
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