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Attention Snapchatters: Hillary Trolls Trump on Snapchat

  • Hillary Clinton bashes Trump with GOP face-swaps.

Recently, we published an article discussing how social media such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have contributed to grass root outreach to voters. Lightning Hillary strikes again…with Snapchat.

In the past few days, she has been trolling the main GOP contender Donald Trump with some quick jabs. This appears to be the first time a “television” attack ad has been posted on Snapchat. But the great thing for Hillary is that she’s not paying for advertisement time on national television and it targets the demographics that was once loyal to Bernie Sanders, the Millenials.

The Snapchat attack ads compare Donald to past well respected Republican Presidents and then twists words and does a 180 to make Donald look terrible in front of the public eye. Check out the snaps and let us know you thoughts…

At first, Hillary alludes that Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee.
Clinton Troll 1


Clinton continues on with her story with:
Clinton Troll 2


Then she starts with the blows, referencing Abraham Lincoln and and then face swapping Honest Abe with Trump with comments regarding the KKK.


Next up is Dwight Eisenhower face swapped with Trump with comments regarding John McCain’s heroism



Next he is face swapped with his favorite President, Ronald Regan and commenting about women should receive some sort of punishment with regards to abortion while Ronald made abortion legal while governor of California.




Trump’s mocking of a reporter’s disability is contrasted with Republican president George H.W. Bush, who signed the Disabilities Act into law.


and lastly with George W. Bush.

other bush

With access to social media, candidates are able to use another source of outreach and attack opponents where it hurts.  Looking at the above referenced comments from Donald Trump, it reminds me of how idiotic he sounds.  However, I’m not siding with Hillary Clinton who in her own right has earned a bad reputation with the email scandal that has come up when she was Secretary of State.  Can you trust her?  We wouldn’t be surprised if Trump strikes back with additional attacks on Twitter.  As far as he’s concerned, Hillary can have the Millenials while he captures all the angry Americans who believe people currently in power are politicians, all talk and no action.

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