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Snap Drone in the works

Snapchat’s owner Snap Inc. has reportedly been working on a Snap drone (thanks NY Times). You would think this would be the next logical step for them right? First comes the Snapchat App, then comes the Snap Spectacles and then comes…
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Snapchat IPO Information

Snap details on date, share price, and other stock information. Snap, the parent company of the messaging app Snapchat, has filed to go public recently and is expected to begin trading as early as March 2 (however there have been…
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Snap Spectacles Used on Surgery

Ever wanted to watch a surgery online? Of course right?!? (Even better, a hernia procedure). It’s on everyone’s bucket list. Well, you’re in luck. We grabbed the first recorded surgery ever using Snap Spectacles. Uk-based teaching surgeon Dr. Shafi Ahmed…

Facebook’s WhatsApp copies Snapchat

Clone wars: WhatsApp Status feature versus Snapchat Stories Facebook is once again targeting Snapchat by copying one of its main features: Snapchat Stories, and integrating it anything it can get its hands on.  Poke to Instagram and now to WhatsApp.…
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